Jade Mountain


Resort:  Jade Mountain

Location:  St. Lucia

* Five Diamond hotel with all inclusive packages available 

* Built into a hillside with spectacular views

* Guests also get full access to beach resort Anse Chastenet


Jade Mountain Video Tour:



Food & Drink:

* You can get just a room, a room with breakfast and dinner or a room with an all inclusive plan.

* It would be appreciated if the resort website or someone else could explain what is included in the all inclusive plan in terms of food and beverages.  The policy doesn’t seem to be written out anywhere public.


Jade Mountain Review:

Jade Mountain is a very nice hotel with an optional all inclusive package.  The hotel is primarily visited by couples on honeymoon and anniversary trips.  You must be over 15 years old.  It helps to be fairly fit since there are a lot of stairs and a steep paved slope to the beach.

The architect and owner of the resort, Nick Troubetzkoy, built the 29 room hotel above his larger Anse Chastenet beach resort. Guests of Jade Mountain are allowed to use both resorts.

Each room (or sanctuary as they are called) has it own bridge the leads to a large room with spectacular views of the peaks on St. Lucia.  Most of the sanctuaries have their own infinity pools that are large and deep enough to do laps.  There is no fourth wall to the rooms.  The bedroom area simply opens into the pool and terrace area.

Each room has dedicated Major Domos (butlers) who are on call 24 hours per day.  Each room has a dedicated cell phone for requesting assistance.  The service throughout the two resorts is outstanding.

Sanctuary JB4 & JB5 might have the best views.  Some of the lower floor rooms don’t have infinity pools in the room.  It is universally agreed that if you are going to pay for a hotel of this quality, the infinity pool rooms are a must.

The Jade Mountain restaurant is the best, but the Indian restaurant at the Anse Chastenet resort is also very good.  In room and beach dining are also available.

The beach is nice with good snorkeling near shore.  Another reason to get a room with an infinity pool is because there is no general pool area at Jade Mountain.


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