Budget Travelers Impacted By Hurricane Season


Hurricanes Irma and Maria are bringing high winds and destruction to beautiful vacation destinations.

Many budget travelers are in the Caribbean during the fall months because prices are lower during the hurricane season. These travelers have been looking forward to a dream vacation on a tropical island only to find a threat to their lives barreling toward them.

Most all inclusive resorts have reduced prices during the fall months as hurricanes are more likely during September, October and November. In addition to low prices, all inclusive resorts are less crowded during the fall months. If you get a great week of weather, all inclusive resort vacations in the fall can be a great value. The problem is the hurricanes are growing bigger and more frequent.

If you decide to plan a fall budget vacation at an all inclusive resort, make sure you do your research. There’s a path many hurricanes take toward the northern islands in the Caribbean. The closer you get to Venezuela, the lower the chance of a hurricane.

Make sure to look at the cancellation policy of your chosen resort before you book your vacation. Most hurricanes develop over many weeks. You might have a chance to see a hurricane coming before you leave home. That is the worst time to wonder what the cancellation policy is. Understand it before you make your purchase.