Best All Inclusive Resort Kids Clubs


I’m trying to find the best all inclusive resort kids clubs.  I used to focus on the best beaches, bars, and spas, but oh how the times have changed now that I have two toddlers.  As they grow up, I want to know where the best kids clubs are so they can have a good time in a safe environment while I try to recapture my youth at the beach or spa.


My criteria for ranking the best kids clubs come down to two basic factors. 1.) The security of my kids and 2.) The enjoyment the kids have while being in the kids club.  The nice thing is that there are many all inclusive resorts catering to families and children.  This wasn’t always the case.


Beaches and Club Med get special mention here because not only do they have very good kids clubs, but they also extend the age limit with special programs and facilities for teenagers.  Just as kids under four deserve some attention, the kids over 12 (who often have no programs at other resorts) are in need of lots of acitvities and opportunities to meet other teenagers.


The Azul Sensatori located just south of Cancun, has a fantastic program for kids ages 6 months to 12 years old.  I might be partial to this resort since my kids are still young.  Many resorts don’t have programs for children under 4 years of age.  The “Azulitos” program is included in the all inclusive package.  There is a nice splash park and kiddie pool along with numerous rooms full of toys and activities designed for specific age ranges.  The program is available both during the day and in the evening during dinner time.


Franklyn D Resort & Spa in Jamaica has the famous “nanny” program.  A nanny is assigned to each family upon arrival to help with anything that might be needed.  This includes child care and babysitting, but also includes concierge services as the nannies go out of their way to make sure each family is having a good time.


Dreams is an upscale all inclusive family resort with a very good Explorers Club For Kids 3 – 12 years of age.  Parents get a cell phone that allows them to check in with their kids at any time.  Kids will be annoyed with the calls form parents as they splash in the kids water park, watch movies on the beach, have campouts, etc…


Do you have a favorite all inclusive resort kids club recommendation?  Please share it with us in the comments.


Same Resort Or Different Destination Each Year?


Friends of mine have been to the same all inclusive resort six times.

They love it.  They know the staff.  They know which room to request.

They plan to visit the resort many more times.

Another friend of mine has never traveled to the same place twice.

He says traveling is about exploring.

He likes trying new destinations and resorts.

He’s had some disappointments, but he’s also found some great resorts in great destinations.

This is similar to how people order food in a restaurant.  My spouse orders something different each visit while I order the same thing since I know I like it.

Our choice is also determined by what we want out of our vacations.

When I was a college student I wanted a fun location like Negril, Jamaica.  As I grew older, got married, and had kids, my resort preferences changed.  Now I want total relaxation and quiet if I’m traveling without the kids.  If I am traveling with the entire family, I want lots of food options and activities.

If I travel with my kids, I’m more likely to return to the same resort.  If I’m on my own or with my spouse I would be more willing to try new resorts.

Do you go to the same resort or do you prefer to explore new destinations each vacation?

If you have a resort you have visited numerous times, let us know in the comments what you like about it and why you return to it.


Bahamas Too Cold?


Have you ever crossed The Bahamas off your list for fear of it being too cold?

It’s further north than many other destinations.

I was reading reviews the other day with a few of them mentioning the cool temperatures and cold swimming pools.  Each year and month is different obviously, but waiting all year for a warm vacation, then getting cool temperatures is a risk many of us will try to avoid.

The same can be said about the fall hurricane zone.  There’s some great deals in the fall at some great all inclusive resorts, but there’s always a risk of a hurricane putting you in danger while taking away many days of your vacation.

There will always be risks with vacation planning.  We reduce these risks by being as informed as possible.  Read reviews, look at weather patterns, check for news about your desired location, ask family and friends for recommendations.

What do you think?  Is the Bahamas too cold?  Do you avoid the hurricane season?  How do you minimize the risks of having a bad vacation while you plan for vacations?


Early Bird Deal At Nickelodeon All Inclusive Resort


Nickelodeon Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) opens May 2016.

Karisma Resorts has Nickelodeon themed kids programs at two of their higher end Azul all inclusive family resorts.  The resort in Punta Cana will be the first to be dedicated as a Nickelodeon resort.

Karisma Resorts is offering early bird specials in the fall of 2016 for Nickelodeon Punta Cana.

Rates are normally $345 per night per person.  However, if you visit between May 15, 2016 and December 18, 2016, the discounts drop the nightly rate below $200 per night per person with kids staying free if you stay at least 4 nights.

These early bird specials allow us to get into luxury resorts at a price closer to our budgets.  These early season rates at new resorts are often our favorite deals of the year.

208 suites come in seven different styles.  There’s a special section of rooms designed like Bikini Bottom from the show SpongeBob SquarePants.  The center of the resort is a playground with Nickelodeon themed pools and activities.

There’s 10 restaurants of all types.  Numerous bars and lounges.  Coffee shop.

Have you been to an Azul all inclusive resort for families?  Did you like it?  Please leave a comment to share your experience with this resort company.

Nickelodeon Punta Cana is a brand new resort as you can see in the construction video below.


Zika Virus Warning For All Inclusive Resorts


The Zika virus started in Brazil.  It has been spreading throughout Central America and the Caribbean.  People going to all inclusive resorts should take precautions to avoid mosquito bites by staying indoors during the evening hours when mosquitos are very active.  Repellent is also recommended.

Zika virus primarily impacts pregnant women by causing birth defects.  Other people get sick for a week, then get better.

People who get Zika virus on vacation help spread the disease by bringing it home.  Mosquitos in your home state then bite you and spread it to other people in your hometown.

If you feel sick after a tropical vacation, visit your doctor to be tested.  If you have Zika virus after coming home, do everything possible to not be around mosquitos.

If you have an all inclusive resort vacation planned, check with your doctor for recommendations if you are or plan to be pregnant.  Many cruise ships and resorts are waiving cancellation fees for pregnant women who want to cancel their vacations.  If you have trouble with an all inclusive resort not allowing pregnant women to cancel vacations, let us know and we’ll let people know which resorts are not being nice.


Snowboarding At Beach Resorts?


Hard Rock Resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic will be upgrading their Camp Woodward area to include snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, trampolines, and bmx bike riding for all ages.

Set to open in 2016, Camp Woodward will be available at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.

The new activity center will offer team building programs for groups and companies.

Hard Rock Resorts are higher end all inclusive resorts. The rooms are clean and spacious with luxurious ammenities. The food includes buffets, specialty restaurants, poolside grills, and 24 hour room service. The staff members at Hard Rock Resorts are exceptional.

Camp Woodward will be a great addition to Hard Rock all inclusive resorts.



All Inclusive Resort Early Bird Specials


If you plan on going to an all inclusive resort this winter, do your research now in the summer.

Many all inclusive resorts have early bird specials if you book early.

Ask resorts if they have any sales coming up.  Put a reminder on your calendar to buy at that time if they do.

Another type of “early bird special” for all inclusive resorts is going to a new resort when they first open.  The downside is some of the property and staff are not fully ready.  The upside is a reduced price at a great resort.  Being one of the first visitors to a new luxury all inclusive resort is a budget way to experience one of those resorts.

Are there any new all inclusive resorts offering reduced prices when they open this fall?  Let us know in the comments.


Favorite Resort Destinations In Jamaica


What’s your favorite resort destination in Jamaica?

Mine has always been Negril.

I love the long sand beach.  The road is better now with less time spent on the commute.

A friend of mine really likes Montego Bay.  I thought the cruise ships, airport noise, and busier city life would make the location less attractive, but he loves it.   He likes watching the cruise ships.  He also likes getting to the resort very quickly after landing at the airport.

Some people avoid Ocho Rios due to the long commute from the airport.  Other people love the lush area and have no problem with the longer commute.  Ocho Rios has some great all inclusive resorts near some great beaches and waterfalls.

We all have our own list of priorities.

Jamaica provides a good example of needing to weigh individual factors such as extra commutes, proximity to airport noise, lack of good snorkeling, etc… to find the best destination and resort.


Research All Inclusive Vacations


Research will improve your all inclusive vacation.

It really makes a difference.


Finding the right resort at the right price is important.

People are often amazed at how many options there are.

Resorts specifically for adults, families, and conferences.

Resorts with great snorkeling and resorts with no snorkeling.


Take your time.  Do your research.

Read reviews.  Look at pictures.  Check prices often. is here to help you.

Use our guides and ask questions.

Then enjoy your time on the beach : )